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A fresh perspective may be all you need

Being a parent is one of life’s most precious gifts – and sometimes it’s hard! There are no instructions, conventional parenting methods aren’t helpful and it’s easy to feel lost trying to be the perfect parent.

There’s so much parenting advice out there. In books, blogs, online forums, from well-meaning neighbours and family. It can be confusing and it’s often contradictory. It’s overwhelming or it just isn’t what you want for your kids.

What if you had someone to listen to and support YOU in your personal family situation?

Totally fabulous! You are really wonderful; very approachable, easy to connect with online. I felt immediately comfortable being vulnerable with you about my parenting insecurities, and trusted your experience. It’s clear that you are a pro, you asked very insightful and clarifying questions. I felt immediately understood and supported, and left with real and actionable info.

Chrissy, Mum of a 6 yr old, Washington, DC
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Longing for peace and calm?

There are days that seem like one endless battle of wills. You’re trying to be mindful of your child’s needs but your ideas for peaceful resolutions – and your patience – are at an end. You feel like your kids won’t listen, you get frustrated and start to lose it. You want a better way to communicate with your kids. Without the power struggles.

Want to sleep at night knowing you got this?

You’ve tried all the well-meaning advice and different parenting strategies – and nothing really helps. You need someone you can turn to and not feel judged or overwhelmed, to know that your kids are ok and you’re doing a good job as a parent. So that you don’t lie awake at night worrying.

A peaceful family isn’t for siblings?!

You’re trying to create a peaceful home and they do nothing but fight! Who sat down for breakfast first, who was the last one to stroke the cat, who dared to look at her brother while he was eating, who even dared to breathe…You want to help them get along so you can enjoy your family time together.

Struggling with juggling everyone’s needs?

You’re trying to be everything and do everything for everybody and you’re burned-out. You want to find that balance between giving your kids everything they need – and caring for yourself. So that you can smile again, enjoy your family – and not have to hide in the bathroom when it all gets too much.

Want things to change – and you don’t know how?

You want a close and joyful relationship with your kids and everyday family life isn’t easy! Your kids press your buttons and you don’t always stay calm. You want to spend less time and energy feeling angry, guilt and shame, and more time and energy connecting with your kids.

Wondering what happened to the old you – and not sure who the new you is?

You have the life you always dreamed of – but you’re not feeling it. It’s time to breathe and let go, reconnect with yourself and find out who you are and what you want. So that you can embrace, create and enjoy the (family) life you truly desire.

You’re not alone.
And no-one needs a perfect parent.

I can help you get a fresh perspective and find a new path that works for you and your family.

Working with Karen really helped me! As a coach, she not only shared her knowledge but saw me as as a person. I’m now able to think differently about a lot of things. I left our coaching sessions with lots of new ways of thinking, as well as a concrete idea of what I could do differently in our everyday life.

Susanne, Mum of two

Hi, I’m Karen

Certified parent and family coach & mum to a son and twin daughters

Karen Netzel - Eltern- & Familienberatung

In coaching with me, I’m here to listen and make sure that you feel seen and heard, with empathy, respect, without judgement and in confidence.

We’ll talk about your specific and personal questions, concerns or challenges, behaviour and habits, and how these are impacting your relationships and family life.

As a parent, I know how difficult it can be to feel lost, to pick yourself up after a rough day and keep going with the best of intentions.

You do not have to be the perfect parent. You already are the best parent for your child.

I’m here to help you get confidence and feel positive that you can be the parent you want to be, even – and especially – on the hard days.

We can talk about:

  • General questions or challenges in everyday family life

  • Understanding your child’s behaviour & needs

  • Ways to handle conflicts & difficult situations

  • Questions about child, tween & teen development

  • When your child, tween or teen is “acting out”

  • Sibling relationships, rivalry, twins & multiples, life as a patchwork family

  • General questions or challenges as a parent

  • Self-care and balance

  • Losing & finding yourself in parenthood

  • School worries & managing the school day

  • Self-directed learning & self-directed schools

  • Family life with more than one language & culture, bilingual kids

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Karen’s very empathetic and a great coach who finds wonderful words.
Tamara, Mum of three

It’s all about the relationship

How I work

In coaching with me, you’ll not get one-size-fits-all parenting tips and methods. We’ll do more. My goal is to see and hear you and your individual family situation, to help you find and confidently take the right path for you and your family.

Your family relationships will be the focus of our time together. We’ll look at ways to nourish these relationships and uncover behaviours or habits that may burden them.

Sometimes we don’t see the imbalance in a relationship until we experience difficulties. And the difficulties we experience can often be explained by an imbalance in the relationship.

Conventional parenting practices and discipline focus solely on a child’s behaviour. Whilst these practices may seem effective in the short term, in the long term they burden our relationships, get in the way of connection and can be devastating for a person’s wellbeing and mental health.

Seeing beyond a child’s behaviour helps us to understand what it is they really need, and enables us to parent from a place of understanding, peace and love.

What the science says: You’ll gain confidence as a parent by understanding what the latest brain science and research says about child development.

Building strong relationships with your kids based on (self-!) empathy, respect, kindness and trust – and learning how to handle emotions constructively – gives your kids the best start in life and provides you with a rock-solid foundation to meet and overcome the challenges of everyday family life, even – and especially – on the hard days.

Nourish the relationship instead of fighting the behaviour

Conventional parenting practices and discipline focus solely on a child’s behaviour. Whilst these practices may seem effective in the short term, in the long term they burden our relationships, get in the way of connection and can be devastating for a person’s wellbeing and mental health.

Children often don’t have words for what they’re experiencing or feeling and instead express their emotions through their behaviour. Fighting a child’s behaviour doesn’t help us. In fact, a child’s behaviour is our most valuable asset for getting to the root of challenges and difficulties.

All behaviour is communication

Behaviour – especially behaviour that is considered problematic – gives us precious insights into what’s going on inside a child, how they’re feeling and what’s happening on the emotional level.

Their behaviour is the window that allows us to see and understand their emotional development and basic emotional needs.

Not naughty but in need

Whenever your child behaves in a way you’d rather they didn’t, you can be sure that – for your child – their behaviour in that moment makes sense. A child’s behaviour is their way of regulating the cocktail of emotions and emotional needs they experience as they grow, learn and develop.

Once we recognise that a child who is acting up is not naughty but in need, who needs us as loving and responsible parents to understand and offer help and guidance as they navigate growing up, it becomes possible to see a child’s behaviour in a different light and parent from a place of understanding, peace and love.

Together we’ll learn to see behaviour from a different perspective, listen to what behaviour is telling us and better understand your child’s – and your own – needs.

Understand first, take action second

Only once you understand what your child’s behaviour is telling you about their development and emotional needs can you start to think about what you can do and what changes you can make to restore the balance in your relationship and family life.

This way of learning to read and understand a child’s behaviour can be applied just as well to learning to understand your own behavioural patterns and habits – and those of other adults close to you – too! Empathy is the key.

Living peacefully and consciously as a parent and family

To be clear, parenting peacefully doesn’t mean no more fights or conflicts!

It means finding ways to resolve conflicts peacefully from a place of connection through strong relationships with each other. The conflicts we have with each another – when resolved peacefully – are a force for good in our relationships. They foster connection and allow us to grow closer together.

It means creating a family life in which you are at peace with yourself. If you can find peace within, you can live peacefully without.

The quality of the relationship you have with your child is the key to being the parent you want to be.

And the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone.

My goal is to see and hear you and your individual family situation, to help you find and confidently take the right path for you and your family.

Parent & family coaching is for you, if you want to…

  • Have strong, loving and joyful relationships with your kids and a family life rooted in connection, respect and trust.

  • Parent with clarity, confidence and peace.

  • Learn how to handle conflicts and difficult situations in ways that help nourish and not burden your relationships.

  • Know that you are not alone and have someone to turn to when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • Find self-care practices that work for you.

  • Understand how self-awareness is the key to less guilt, anxiety and having kids grow up healthy and capable.

  • Build relationships based on mutual trust and respect as the basis for developing potential, growth and learning.

  • Create positive change in your life and relationships generally.

Even if you…

I get it. People used to say to me: “Get some help!” And I didn’t have the energy to even think about getting help. Only much later, once I had help and support, did I realise how much good they did me and our family life.

Coaching sessions are kept short at 50 minutes, you can book and we can meet online wherever you happen to be (from your own home wherever you feel most comfortable – and I don’t object to pyjamas :-) ). You can schedule sessions at the best time for you, as often as you need to.

I think it’s important to make an informed choice with any investment. In my own personal experience (I regularly get coaching) I’ve found it does me a lot of good to invest in myself and my family. I’ve seen the change that’s possible and it has been more than worth it. Sometimes just one session can be enough to see things differently, reset the balance and get onto a different path.

1:1 professional coaching is a safe space where it’s just you and me. We focus on your specific and personal situation. You don’t have to post your question or concern to a group with thousands of readers you don’t know. It’s a judgement-free zone and confidential. I’m a trained coach and my work is backed by brain science and research.

My blog and e-mail updates are free and always will be. This is also where I share special offers just for my readers.

As a private coach, I’m not affiliated with any organisation. This has the advantage that we are not limited in our work together and can tailor it to your specific needs. The disadvantage is that you will need to cover the cost of coaching privately. With my Babyccino session, you can test the water for free.

If, after coaching with me, you’re not able to see any possibility to change your situation, I offer a money-back guarantee.

Giving back: 10% of all profits go to projects and organisations that support children and families.

I’ve been there! This is what I’ve learned: being a parent isn’t easy and there are no quick fixes or magic formulas. As a parent, you’re in it for the long game. Learning about how kids grow, the science of development and relationships enables you to make informed choices about how your kids grow up and the kind of family life you want.

I can’t give you all the answers but I can help you find the answers and the right path that works for you and your family. Ultimately it’s the process of doing the work that leads to change. It’s more than worth it in the long run and I’m with you all the way.

One session is often all it takes to gain clarity and see new, constructive paths for your family.

My coaching practice

  • 1:1 coaching for parents & co-parents

  • Group coaching for teams & private groups

  • Single-session coaching for specific questions & longer-term coaching for long-term parenting & family goals

  • Online via Zoom

  • In person in Heidelberg, Germany

  • A single coaching session lasts 50 minutes

Making the decision for coaching is the first step towards making change.

Ready to bring peace, calm and joy back into family life?

I believe every parent can be the parent they want to be and live the family life they really want.  

If you’re ready for change, start today. It’s never too late to choose connection and build a strong relationship with your kids.

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What others parents say about my coaching

Our meeting was so, so fabulous, and I’ve found the paradigm shifts that we discussed really informing my mindset during some challenging behaviors/emotional states that have come up around the end of the school year!  So fantastic!

Chrissy, Mum of a 6 yr old, Washington, DC
Working with Karen really helped me!
Karen’s very likeable and had a way of making me feel very comfortable. As a coach, she not only shared her knowledge but saw me as as a person. She connected with me on a personal level, which enabled me to build trust. She was well prepared for our sessions and introduced each topic thoughtfully, which I think is really important when talking about emotional topics like children, being a mum, and relationships. She listened carefully to me and was attuned to my way of thinking. Karen has a great deal of expert knowledge and offered new ways of seeing things that all made a lot of sense to me. I left our coaching sessions with lots of new ways of thinking as well as a concrete idea of what I could do differently in our everyday family life. I always felt as though she was listening to me and that she was hearing me. That was very helpful and exactly what I want as a client.
Susanne, Mum of two
Karen’s very empathetic and a great coach who finds wonderful words.
Tamara, Mum of three
Can highly recommend! Karen’s great!
Judith, Mum of a son

Ready to be the parent you want to be and live the family life you really want?

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