Being a parent can be really different to what you’d imagined.

Everybody says having kids changes everything. I wasn’t prepared for just how much. It changes how you see the world, who you are, what you thought you knew about being a parent and the kind of parent you want to be.

What if you could…

  • Help your kids grow up to be healthy and capable, handle conflicts without coercion and power struggles, losing your cool or resorting to threats, bribes and time-outs.

  • Be there for your kids, give them everything they need  – and not lose yourself or your relationship with your partner along the way.

  • Have a close, loving and trusting relationship with your kids – and be a responsible parent.

  • Enjoy being a parent, have family life be joyful and fun – and feel less like the hard work it seems to take just to get through the day.

  • Go to bed at night feeling like you’re doing a good job as a parent – and not lie awake worrying, feeling guilt and shame when it’s been a rough day.

  • Be the peaceful, gentle, and conscious parent you read about in blogs and books – and know what that could look like in your family.

You’re in the right place! I’m here to offer inspiration, ideas, resources, coaching and courses – for parents and families who want to do it differently.

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Inspiration for parents

Parenting peacefully doesn’t mean it won’t sometimes feel like a struggle

What other parents say about working with me

Totally fabulous! You are really wonderful; very approachable, easy to connect with online. I felt immediately comfortable being vulnerable with you about my parenting insecurities, and trusted your experience. It’s clear that you are a pro, you asked very insightful and clarifying questions. I felt immediately understood and supported, and left with real and actionable info.
Chrissy, Mum of a 6 yr old, Washington, DC
Working with Karen really helped me!
Karen’s very likeable and had a way of making me feel very comfortable. As a coach, she not only shared her knowledge but saw me as as a person. She connected with me on a personal level, which enabled me to build trust. She was well prepared for our sessions and introduced each topic thoughtfully, which I think is really important when talking about emotional topics like children, being a mum, and relationships. She listened carefully to me and was attuned to my way of thinking. Karen has a great deal of expert knowledge and offered new ways of seeing things that all made a lot of sense to me. I left our coaching sessions with lots of new ways of thinking as well as a concrete idea of what I could do differently in our everyday family life. I always felt as though she was listening to me and that she was hearing me. That was very helpful and exactly what I want as a client.
Susanne, Mum of two
Karen’s very empathetic and a great coach who finds wonderful words.
Tamara, Mum of three

The course was very valuable for me. After just one module, I was able to see our daily routine and the way our child was behaving in a different light. I could see why she was behaving in that way and understand what she really needed. We made a small adjustment to our daily routine, which had the big effect that now I and my kids can start our day less stressed, happier and feeling more connected to each other.

Saša, Dad of two
The work Karen’s doing is changing the world for the better!
Maria, Mum of two sons
Karen’s a great personality! I know few people who communicate so respectfully with children. She really helped me with my concerns.
Susanne, Mum of two
Can highly recommend! Karen’s great!
Judith, Mum of a son

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