5 simple habits to help centre yourself in difficult times

Here are five daily habits I like to do to help me centre myself in uncertain times. They're very simple, you don't need extra time and can just do them as you go about your day. 1. Check [...]

Self-care and finding a new normal in a global pandemic

Home together 24/7. Home office, homeschooling, social distancing, essential work. Family life is unrecognisable from as little as a week ago.  The uncertainty and worry about the global situation, keeping your family safe and with enough supplies, supporting [...]

Join me for a virtual cuppa? 

Wow. What a decade this last week has been. Remember how just a matter of weeks ago, it was all #10yearreview, hype and excitement over the start of a new decade? And 2020 - the only year with a global palindrome day we’ll see in [...]

Parenting peacefully doesn’t mean it won’t sometimes feel like a struggle

In your heart, you know you want to do it differently. Conventional parenting practices don’t feel right for you - and you know they do more harm than good. Maybe you practised attachment parenting, you’ve learned a lot [...]

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