Biography and Qualifications

Since 2017

  • Relationship-oriented parent and family coaching, courses and workshops in private practice

Professional Training and Certifications


  • Trauma Education certification with University Hospital Ulm
  • Anti-Racist Conversations with Ashani Mfuko


  • Raising Antiracist Kids with Layla Saad
  • Antiracism in the Workplace with Layla Saad
  • Introduction to Self-Determination Theory: An approach to motivation, development and wellness! with Dr. Richard Ryan, University of Rochester


  • Teenpower – Personal Development for Teens course facilitator training with familylab
  • Understanding Children Better – Teenagers (11-18 yrs) course facilitator training with Katia Saalfrank
  • Somatic Emotional Integration® – Recognising and Healing Early and Developmental Trauma with Dami Charf


  • The Power of Comfort; The Power of Words; Understanding Teenage Cries for Help with Gundula Göbel
  • Introduction to Addictive Habits with The Coaching Academy
  • Attachment Parenting Congress, online
  • How Couples Relationships Succeed, Relationship-Oriented Couples Coaching with Katia Saalfrank
  • Moralities of Everyday Life with Yale University


  • Attachment- and relationship-oriented parent and family coaching certification with Katia Saalfrank
  • Understanding Children Better – School Children (6-12 yrs) course facilitator certification with Katia Saalfrank


  • Attachment Parenting Congress, Hamburg
  • The Science of Well-Being with Yale University
  • Understanding Children Better – Toddlers & Preschoolers (1-5 yrs) course facilitator certification with Katia Saalfrank


  • Educational-psychological coaching with Katia Saalfrank
  • Attachment- and relationship-oriented parenting and education fundamentals with Katia Saalfrank
  • Introduction to Psychology with Yale University


  • Leading, working in and with intercultural teams

University Education

  • 2013 Cambridge MA
  • 1994-1998 University of Cambridge, England, UK – Joint Honours Degree
  • 1996-1997 Ruprecht-Karls University, Heidelberg, Germany

Areas of Ongoing Study and Interest

  • Parenting, education, adultism, relationships, social justice, psychology, developmental psychology, trauma education, childhood as a construct, self-directed education, power, non-violent communication, self-care, wellbeing and mental health, self-development, multilingual and intercultural family life.


  • 2009 Mum of twin daughters
  • 2007 Mum of a son
  • 2005 Married


  • Since 2017 Relationship-oriented parent and family coaching, courses and workshops in private practice
  • Previously international training facilitation, consulting and project management in strategic knowledge management, communication and learning in a global corporation
  • Worldwide and online

Volunteer Work

  • Learning facilitator at self-directed school
  • Forest kindergarten committee secretary
  • Summer camp leader for kids aged 8-14 years