Online course

Connect with Your Child

Create more peace, calm and cooperation in your family!

Explore the core principles for building strong relationships and fostering connection in your family.

Learn why connection is the key to more peace, calm and cooperation, and get started on your personal journey to transform your relationship with your child.

Understand what your child’s behaviour is telling you and what really lies behind their big feelings – and yours.

Get to know your triggers and how to stay calm.

Discover ways to connect with your child every day and how to communicate peacefully and effectively.

Ditch the overwhelm, frustration and guilt for more ease, love and joy.

Ready for more peace, calm and joy in family life?

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Who is this course for?

This course is for parents of one or more children of any age, from toddlers to teens, who want to become more peaceful, respectful and gentle in their parenting and confidently create the family life they’ve always wanted.

We’ll explore connecting and communicating with children as partners in our relationships with them, in non-coercive, collaborative ways, and focus on uncovering and overcoming unhelpful patterns and beliefs.

I can totally recommend the Connect with Your Child course. Karen has a profound knowledge and explains everything in an easy way. I made a big step forward. I am more confident, all the info was very, very helpful. Thank you!


I got a lot of new ideas on how to better connect with my child. The course also explained the difference between the old way of raising children with punishment and a new way with connection. It was mind blowing!

Céline, two daughters (4 & 5 yrs)

I would definitely recommend the Connect with Your Child course. It will bring peace and understanding to your parenting. I loved the explanations Karen used while describing the behaviour interpretation. She also helped to change my mindset about parenting in a very practical way. She is able to explain the topic easily and understandably within the context of everyday situations.

Jana, two children (4 & 5 yrs)

Karen is providing digestible and concise content, and makes it personal with examples from her own experience. The task sheets are so valuable because you find out lots about your own struggles and triggers. She gives you tools to work with your own anger and how to fulfil your unmet needs so you can be there to support your children as good as possible. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to communicate without judgement and to make this world a friendlier place.

Stephanie, two daughters (3 yrs & 4 months)
Karen Netzel

Hi, I’m Karen.

I’m a relationship-focused parent and family coach, philologist, linguist, blogger, nature lover who plays online games, mum of a teen and preteen twins, and a thoughtful idealist (according to Myers-Briggs). I believe choosing connection is the key to more peace, calm and joy in family life – and that rethinking parenting is the key to lasting social change and a more peaceful world.