For several years, I’ve been offering group coaching courses for parents of toddlers, preschoolers and school children.

I love offering parents the opportunity to meet up in a small group, have some time out from everyday parenting and the chance to talk about the challenges, difficulties, worries and concerns that come with being a family and a parent. We share in each other’s joy and frustration, laugh, and sometimes cry, together.

At the end of each course, we have a feedback round when I get to hear what participants have experienced or what changes they’ve noticed in their relationships with their children.

I often have goose bumps when I hear about what can change in such a short space of time, just from being able to see their child, themselves, parenting and family through a different lens – and what opportunities the future holds beyond the course for deeper connections in peaceful and respectful relationships with their children.

I’m excited to share a selection of testimonials from my course participants with you here. I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I do!

Anna, a daughter, 2 years old

The course changed our family life, my relationship with my husband and with our daughter, for the better.

I’m very happy and grateful that I was able to participate in your course. I had a lot of ahas in the last few weeks. In the last few months, I felt completely lacking in peace and calm, but was able to find it again in your course.

I’ve noticed I can see many situations differently and understand my daughter more, which makes me feel better, lighter and happier.

Michael, three daughters, 2 and 2 years old and 1 year old

Feeling overwhelmed with three children under the age of two

Feeling overwhelmed with three children under the age of two, we signed up for the Understanding Toddlers & Preschoolers course. Mealtimes were difficult, bedtimes were difficult. We were unhappy with the situation, and ourselves, and wanted things to improve.

We’re all more relaxed…

Now, after the course, we understand our children more and can respond better to their needs. The situations at mealtimes and bedtimes have also changed. We’re all more relaxed… The course is worth it! Even if you think you’re already doing a good job, you’ll learn something new.

Tanja, a son, 3 years old

It feels like we – my son and I – have less battles following the course. I always try to keep in mind that he wants to cooperate with me and that opens up other perspectives: to stop for a moment, respond to my child, see what’s going on with him, see his feelings, just to enjoy him….”

Dale, three children, 8, 10 and 10 years old

I realised I’d tended to leave the relationships with our children to my wife. I wanted to change that and understand my children better.

I now believe I can react better in everyday situations. I recognised some old, ingrained patterns from my childhood that were preventing me from connecting with my kids.

Ilona, a son, 7 years old

I wanted to improve how my son and I communicated. I now observe him more. When he gets angry, I’m able to keep calm. I feel more confident and more understood. I got a lot of food for thought, tips and also reassurance. It was definitely worth it. I really enjoyed it.

Saša, two children, 4 years and 1 year old

The course was very valuable for me. After just one module, I was able to see our daily routine and the way our child was behaving in a different light. I could see why she was behaving in that way and understand what she really needed.

We made a small adjustment to our daily routine, which had the big effect that now I and my kids can start our day less stressed, happier and feeling more connected to each other.

Katja, two daughters, 5 and 10 years old

I was pushed to my limits

The transition from primary school to high school, in parallel to quarantine, reduced working hours and having building work done, pushed me to my limits with my two children.

From power struggles to empathy

Now I reflect more than before and can see the needs behind the behaviour. After the first sparks fly, I’m able shift into an empathic response relatively quickly. It’s worth it and the course fee is better invested than in buying new clothes.

Lis, a son, 5 years old

I am so happy with your course. It makes me think so much about my relationships at home (and also outside) and it motivates me to change.

A new way to see and feel the world

I really want to thank you for guiding us through this huge positive transformation in our way to see and feel the world.


I can totally recommend the Connect with Your Child course.

Karen has a profound knowledge and explains everything in an easy way.

I made a big step forward.

I am more confident, all the info was very, very helpful. Thank you!

Céline, two daughters, 4 and 5 years old

It was mind blowing!

I got a lot of new ideas on how to better connect with my child.

The course also explained the difference between the old way of raising children with punishment and a new way with connection.

Jana, two children, 4 and 5 years old

I would definitely recommend the Connect with Your Child course.

It will bring peace and understanding to your parenting.

I loved the explanations Karen used while describing the behaviour interpretation. She also helped to change my mindset about parenting in a very practical way. She is able to explain the topic easily and understandably within the context of everyday situations.

Stephanie, two daughters, 3 years and 4 months old

Karen is providing digestible and concise content, and makes it personal with examples from her own experience.
The task sheets are so valuable because you find out lots about your own struggles and triggers.
She gives you tools to work with your own anger and how to fulfil your unmet needs so you can be there to support your children as good as possible.
I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to communicate without judgement and to make this world a friendlier place.

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Connect with Your Child

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