Support for Ukraine

It’s devastating waking up to news of yet more injustice, violence, war and humanitarian crisis in the world.

Hearing the news, watching events unfold, it’s easy to feel helpless and shame. The best antidote against shame and feeling helpless is to be accountable and take action. There are practical things we can do:

  • Stand up for peace and against injustice
  • Share information and resources on social media – flag and stop the spread of disinformation
  • Join protests, contact MPs
  • Support humanitarian organisations
  • Carry on parenting peacefully, so that children know peace and justice in themselves and in their hearts towards others. It’s our best hope and chance for a just and peaceful world of tomorrow.

See also how to talk to your child about war and injustice.

Here are some humanitarian organisations providing relief and help on the ground in Ukraine:

UN Refugee Agency


Save the Children

International Red Cross

Ukraine Voices of Children

Razom for Ukraine

Sunflower of Peace

United Help Ukraine

Keep Ukraine’s media going