Wow. What a decade this last week has been.

Remember how just a matter of weeks ago, it was all #10yearreview, hype and excitement over the start of a new decade?

And 2020 – the only year with a global palindrome day we’ll see in our lifetimes – seemed somehow magical and full of promise.

I’m not sure any of us expected the year to be extraordinary in quite the way it’s turning out to be.

I never thought I’d be sitting here writing this during a global pandemic.

With schools and daycare closed, home office, home schooling and social distancing measures in place – for many of us everyday life today is completely unrecognisable from as little as a week ago.

How are you doing?

This week, I’ve felt very vulnerable. And I know from talking to others that I’m not alone.

I believe that in times of social distancing, human connection is more important than ever. There’s never been a better time to choose connection.

So that’s why, as of today, I’m opening up a virtual space for us to connect and stay in touch, share our experiences and challenges, information and ideas, laughs, our uncertainty and fears. And to support each other as we adapt and adjust to our new realities, protect, support and provide for our families and communities.

This is where it’s happening:

  1. Join me every day from 23rd March – 17th April Monday to Saturday at 4-5 pm CET (3pm UK, 10am EDT, 8am MDT), for a cuppa in my virtual living room on zoom. We can chat about our days, how you and the kids are coping with the abrupt changes to their structures and schedule, homeschooling, sibling fights, sharing a desk with your spouse or having the dining room table turned into a classroom / home office.
  2. I’ll also be hosting webinars on topics relevant to family life in times of Corona.
  3. Sign-up for email updates so I can send you the link to the virtual room and the webinar details.
    If you’re on Facebook, come and join us in the The Choosing Connection Community where we can share information, links and ideas – & have a closed space to share and lift each other up when the going gets tough.

As Brené Brown said this week in the first episode of her new podcast Unlocking Us: in this massive experiment in collective vulnerability, let’s choose each other.

I’d love to see you later for a virtual cuppa on zoom or in the Facebook group.

Stay home, stay healthy & stay connected!

Karen x

How are you feeling in this situation? What will the social distancing measures mean for your family? Let me know down in the comments!

Blog image by Up-Free via Canva