Understanding School Children

For parents and people working with children aged 6 to 12 years

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Understanding School Children

As a parent, you want to be receptive to your child’s needs and wishes, be loving and understanding, and build a strong, close relationship. And you want to be a responsible parent.

When children start school, family life opens its doors to new commitments, demands, responsibilities, relationships to teachers and fellow students – and to a whole new set of challenges and potential for conflict.

How can you best support your child during this new phase of their life?

The pressure of trying to meet new demands, do everything right and be the parent you know your child needs, can be overwhelming. Communication based on mutual respect and trust is key.

The tween and pre-teen years

When kids reach their tween (8+) and pre-teen years (11+), a whole new stage of physical and emotional development begins. Whilst we generally expect autonomy development – and the challenges that come with it – in the toddler and teen years, autonomy development also happens between the ages of 6 and 12. Self-organisation, taking responsibility, friendships, privacy, media, chores, and becoming a part of our performance-driven society, all present a whole new set of challenges for families.

Maybe you wonder how much personal responsibility your child can – or should –  take on. How kids can stay motivated in school and how you can foster a growth mindset. How you can be supportive through the emotional demands school places on kids and if they don’t like going to school. How you can find a balance between letting go and being the trusting, guiding and reliable presence your kids need.

How can you stay calm and parent with confidence?

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That’s where the science comes in. When we look at child development psychology and brain science research, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

What you’re experiencing with your tween or pre-teen is most often a normal, fundamental, and important part of their development.

There are no difficult children, just difficult situations.

The research also tells us that conventional parenting methods, such as coercion, time-outs and punishment, are destructive and not helpful if you want to build a strong and loving relationship with your child and meet their developmental needs. So what do you do instead?

The Understanding School Children course offers you a new perspective in parenting and working with children. You’ll have the chance to learn what scientific research tells us about child development, see your child’s behaviour in a different light and develop an understanding for their emotions and what it is they – and you – really need.

“You’re ok, just as you are.”

In this course, we’ll focus on building a positive relationship with your child and discover opportunities for choosing connection that will enable you to parent with confidence and joy, whilst balancing your child’s needs and your own.

More about this course

Over 8 weeks, we’ll look at the following topics:

  • Behaviour is communication: what your child’s behaviour is telling you
  • Autonomy vs. emotional dependence and other fundamental developments
  • Starting school (or changing schools) & the school system
  • Communicating with school children & everyday life with school children (homework, friendships, privacy, media, chores)
  • How children learn, cultivating a growth mindset & when school isn’t fun any more

The course content relates to the development of children aged between 6 and 12 years.

In 8 weekly meetings in a small group, you’ll be able to:

  • Share experiences with other parents
  • Ask questions and address challenges in everyday family life
  • Get some breathing space, time to centre yourself and tank up on new energy
  • Discover alternatives to power struggles, time-outs and punishments, and find ways to parent with confidence
  • Learn new ways to deal with difficult situations
  • Find out what scientific research says about child development, brain development, emotional development and empathy

Weekly course meetings over 8 weeks

Your investment: 129.00 €
Pay in full or in installments over two months. Prices for single parents and co-parents on request.

Course includes:

  • Eight 90 minute weekly moderated group meetings, information from scientific research and group discussion
  • Weekly self-development exercises & handouts
  • Chance to meet and share experience with other parents
  • Welcoming and judgement-free space in Heidelberg, Germany

To allow for a good group discussion, the number of participants is limited to 10.

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What other parents say about my courses

The course was very valuable for me. After just one module, I was able to see our daily routine and the way our child was behaving in a different light. I could see why she was behaving in that way and understand what she really needed. We made a small adjustment to our daily routine, which had the big effect that now I and my kids can start our day less stressed, happier and feeling more connected to one another.

Saša, Dad of two & course participant
Can highly recommend! Karen’s great!
Judith, Mum of a son
The parents who get to do Karen’s courses are very lucky!
Antje, Mum of three sons

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