For my 45th birthday and to celebrate midlife, I decided to look back over the last 45 years of my life and look forward to all the things I’d still like to do and experience in the next 45 years in the form of a bucket list.

A bucket list comes from the phrase “to kick the bucket”. It’s a list you make of all the things you want to do or experience in your life. The idea became popular following the film of the same name, The Bucket List.

Here’s my bucket list for my next 45 years. Some of the things are concrete goals for the next 1 to 5 years, some are dreams and wishes that I hope will one day come true.

My biggest goal for this next stage of my life is to be more ME!

  1. Buy a new dishwasher – ours has been broken for 10 days and it feels like we’re washing up all day long
  2. Buy a camper van – to have the freedom to take trips in a home away from home
  3. Do a handstand – I’m hoping to learn and train for this with Judith “Sympatexter” Peters’ next handstand course.
  4. Run the Heidelberg half marathon – in 2020 and 2021 it was cancelled because of Corona and I am getting older
  5. Live in a house by the sea – and go for walks on the beach every day
  6. Redecorate our house
  7. Jump off the 5-meter board
  8. Travel to Australia and New Zealand with my children
  9. Travel to Scotland again
  10. Fly to Hawaii
  11. Write a book
  12. Do a professional photo shoot
  13. Clear out my wardrobe and work with a stylist to get a new look
  14. Start an online community for connection-focused parents
  15. Develop and launch my own online course – lots of ideas and also lots of visibility fears (see no. 29 :-))
  16. Support social projects for children and families with my business
  17. Have a big party with family, friends and colleagues from all different times of my life
  18. Write an article for a print or online magazine
  19. Run 3 times a week for a year
  20. Buy a Tesla
  21. Go ice skating in New York at Christmas time in front of the Rockefeller Center and the big Christmas tree
  22. Write at least one blog article a week for a year – that’s my goal in The Content Society, Judith “Sympatexter” Peters‘ brilliant blogging community
  23. Send out my newsletter once a week for a year – If you don’t get my newsletter yet, you can sign up here!
  24. Learn to ride a horse
  25. Post and connect daily on Facebook and Instagram and build a community of 1000+. Join me here: My Facebook Page, My Instagram
  26. Ride the Jacobite Steam Train – the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter ;-)
  27. Do interval training or strength training 3 times a week for a year
  28. Visit Ireland with my mum, her partner and my family
  29. Overcome my visibility fears  – so I can make Instagram stories, videos, podcasts and lives
  30. Sleep under the stars – ✔️16.06.2021 with my daughters after a very hot day and on a perfectly clear night
  31. Go on holiday to a Greek island again
  32. Take the kids to Cirque du Soleil
  33. Learn yoga
  34. Act in a film
  35. Make new friends online and then meet them offline
  36. Go on a tree house holiday
  37. Do a Colour Run
  38. Manage 10 burpies in a row
  39. Watch the Olympics live
  40. Run 10 km in under 60 minutes again
  41. Make a vision board
  42. Learn hand lettering
  43. Interview at least 5 people for my blog
  44. Open water swimming
  45. Read a book a week for a year

That’s my bucket list for the next 45 years (and beyond ;-)). I plan to revisit it regularly and extend with new goals and dreams as I make them!

Have you made a bucket list? What do you think about the idea of a bucket list? Let me know down in the comments!